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  "What I loved about Poros was that I was able to travel during the day to spectacular Greek ancient sites and then return home in the evening. Poros is affordable and lends itself nicely to local travel and tourism!"




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Poros Trizinias is located in the Saronic gulf and is one of many small islands found in this area. It is actually part of the group of islands called Argo-Saronic islands. It is separated from the north-eastern coast of the Peloponnese by a narrow channel of about 250 meters making it accessible by both land and sea. Many water taxis and two ferries provide transportation to the island from the small mainland town of Galatas all day and night.

Map of Poros Trizinias.

From the main Port of Athens (Piraeus) a myriad of cruise ships, ferries and Hydrofoils visit Poros daily. The proximity of Poros to the mainland and in particular to Piraeus is what makes it so popular. Within 45 minutes one can leave Poros and be on the main port of Athens. Boats travel to Poros frequently throughout the day and evening. It is central to many ancient sites inthe Peloponnese and tourists make Poros their home base as they venture out on day tours and cruises.

Poros is comprised of two islands that are connected by a 4 meter canal. The smaller island is characteristic of the main town center where all the ports, markets and other service industries are located. The second, bigger island is covered in lush native pine trees. All the beaches and primarily where all the villas, hotels and resorts are found. Bars, cafes, night clubs, grocery stores and residential homes are found on both islands.

Map Poros

K.T.M. Sunny Villas is located near the entrance to the bigger island. You probably won't even notice when you have crossed the canal! This island is believed to be the island of the God Poseidon and as such has a vast history and many legends that are shared by the locals.

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