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"I was never bored on Poros. Depending on my energy level and mood I found there was always something fun to do."



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Things To Do

There are many things to do on and around Poros. There are trails and paths for hiking throughout the island. You can venture out into the pine forest of the bigger island or take a stroll through the narrow town streets of the town center.

Cycling in GreeceVisitors usually rent bicycles and cycle around the island while they stop and visit the various historic sites and points of interest like the Clock Tower, the Posiedon Temple, the Monasteries, The Lemon Groves, the Love Bay, the Russian Bay and Fortress, Vagonia Bay and Fousa with its vineyards and olive groves.

Water sport activities are hosted on most of the beaches. Windsurfing in Greece.They have wind surfing, water skiing, tubing, paragliding, seadooing and sailing. Snorkling is quite popular in the less crowded beaches and bays.

Sight seeing of course is a common activity as there are many things to see and ancient monuments to visit. Ancient sites are found both on Poros island and on the main land (Peloponnese). You may take guided tours and cruises directly from Poros. Some of our guests rent a motor bike or car and travel around at their own pace and leisure. Some significant places to visit are: the Acropolis in Athens and Plaka, the Mycenaean Temple, the Epidavros Theater, Nafplion, and the Korinthos Canal.

Night life is vibrant and lasts most of the evening. There are all types of pubs, night clubs and eateries that feature evening Greek Dancers.entertainment. Many establishments feature "Greek Night." This event is usually done as a dinner theater with the performers dressed in traditional attire as they dance for you. In turn as the evening performance draws to a close the dancers have a way of coaxing all guests to dance with them!

When you arrive at K.T.M. Sunny Villas we will gladly assist you in booking your entertainment events.

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